The Knappa Schools Foundation

Playground Fundraiser

GREAT NEWS! The new playground is slated to be installed this spring and the fundraiser for the commemorative wall is beginning to come to life! And YOU can be part of it!

Who, What, When and Why, It all began…

The Knappa Schools Foundation (KSF) was founded in 1997.   Some of the first board members included Marvin Autio, Shawn Teevin, Charles Kraus, Michael Foster, Eileen Chevorant , Mardelle Cokley and Ed Johnson.  Their goal was to provide help in supporting Knappa Schools District as they became independent from Columbia 5J in 1997.  They were supported by community members with a joint goal and out of that concern, Knappa Schools Foundation was born.  Our mission statement is-

“To provide resources to enhance education and encourage individual success for the students of Knappa Schools.”

Where we are today, 27 years later…

KSF has been successful with the help for many generous donors and supporters to be able to support our school district in providing teacher grants and senior scholarships. This has been made possible through fundraising at the Annual Dinner/Auction over the last 26 years. We believe that we have accomplished the boards three-point approach to fulfilling our mission statement.

First, by awarding scholarships each year to deserving students entering their critical first year of post-secondary education. We also now provide scholarships to upper classmen to help during the last couple of years.   Secondly, by awarding grants to teachers and educators to encourage innovation in the classroom and to enhance learning and growth.  Lastly, since its inception, KSF continually invests portions of fundraising proceeds.  These invested assets will continue to enhance and support Knappa Schools and its students well into the future.

  • Last year in 2023, KHS seniors were awarded $52,500 in scholarships
  • A total of $550,650 in scholarships have been awarded from 1998 through 2023
  • Grants for teachers started in 1998. Teachers apply for these grants in the fall.  To date, KSF has awarded  over $ 658,589 in grants.

The Foundation’s total assets have grown to over $1,900,000 with the donations and contributions of local businesses and community members since 1997.

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